The High Horse We Rode in On

There’s always somebody ready to pick a fight. You know, you can blurt out a  simple phrase like, “What a beautiful blue sky!” And a contentious person will speak right up with something like, “You think that’s a blue sky? I’d say it’s more of a purple tone…” 

So, yeah. I know that I’ll say something that could start a word riot on this blog. I’ll choose my words carefully; but I’ll say what’s on my mind. And since I’m human, I’ll make mistakes. I’ll be opinionated sometimes and rub someone the wrong way. I’ll voice a belief that makes someone wanna kick me. I’m good at it. And I’m good with it. I’m a mom, you see, so I’ve grown quite accustomed to being in the middle of a battle. Oh, I could tell you some doozies. And I will. Eventually. 

I’m not only a parent (4 children on Earth, 2 in heaven), but a grandparent who is raising 2…no, wait, the third is coming to live with us in October. So, 3! Nope, here comes the 4th in January…recount. I’m raising FOUR of my 14 grandchildren.

You might wonder about my parenting skills since 2 of my children are unable to raise these babies. But don’t get on your high horse quite yet. Do yourself the favor of knowing that everyone has a story. That things aren’t always what they seem from the outside looking in.  That these things could, indeed, happen to YOU.

Have you ever judged someone harshly only to feel like a complete fool once you knew the truth? Well, I have. And I learned. (STILL learning).  That’s maybe another story for another time. Yes?


So that’s my first EVER blog. How do you like it so far? 🙂 




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