The Secret Adventures of Super Cindy

Tip tip tip downhill you go rolling land on your feet and run through your day trip over a rock and go flying headlong into a cactus…stick…shock…ouch…you pry yourself free..but… try recapturing your momentum after that 🙂 It’s sort of a poem. Sort of.
It was what was going through my mind as I wove my Hyundai through traffic today. It’s kind of a crazy little commentary on my adventure that helped me to keep my sense of humor. 🙂 Maybe you had to be there.

Allow me to go back in time a little bit:
10:30p.m. I gather up the baby’s STUFF and head upstairs. I know Xavier (the eight year old) won’t be asleep yet because he has such a hard time anyhow, and last night he had a miserable head cold. Kynnadi Rose, in true Kynnzilla style, starts howling and demanding to be let out of bed. It’s time to play! It’s time to watch TV! It’s time for candy! NOW NOW NOW!
kynnadi in princess dress
Kynnadi a couple years ago. Doesn’t she look SWEET?!

Midnight. We are finally starting to get some peace.
Every hour or so we get up from sleep apnea and need a drink of water. Kynnzilla and I both have it. sigh
7:15 a.m. The alarm goes off. I feel fuzzy. It’s probably side-effects from all the Prednisone, Symbicort, and sleepless nights. I can’t even imagine getting up yet. Xavier was up and down sneezing, sore throat…I feel justified in hitting the snooze button.
Half hour later I’m still lying there with anxiety dammed up in my chest feeling guilty for not obeying my alarm clock. Decide that Xavier can go to school later if he feels better.
The phone rings and it’s my daughter telling me she’s almost there with my seven month old grandson, Keidon. (Long story. Here’s a short version: my younger daughter has two babies. She’s not well. I’ve been raising the older one, but was not up to taking the baby when he was born in January. So my older daughter has been raising him since he was two weeks old. WELL, she got a good job [she’s cut out for this job with special needs kids- and they’re blessed to have her, but…] now she can’t take care of Keidon full time anymore. It’s breaking her heart, but she has to take care of her children. Bills, rent…you know. So Keidon is with me during the week and with her on the weekends. What a crazy life!)
Keidon. Good thing he’s cute!

SO, anyhow…Keidon gets here and I get him settled with a dry diaper and a bottle before the other two are out of bed. Have apple pie for breakfast. Throw a load of laundry in. Carry stuff from dryer into living room to fold later. Get two diaper bags packed for the day. Get Kynnadi changed and her hair brushed and a pretty pink bow put in. Find matching socks for X.
Other daughter calls from her job an hour and a half away to ask me to pick up her pay from OTHER job and go to Walmart to send her a MoneyGram so she can put gas in her car so she can drive home. Fine.
Drive to Xavier’s school. Put Kynnadi’s shoes back on her and her bow back in her hair. Get her out of car. Go around and scoop Keidon out of his car seat. He smells like pee and it’s too stinking bad (and I mean REALLY stinky!), cause I don’t have time to change him quite yet.
Sign Xavier in at the front office. Put Kynnadi’s shoes back on her. Get babies back in car. Go to daughter’s work. Start to get Kynnadi out of car. Put shoes back on her and hair bow back in. (her hair is a wild mess that hangs in her face otherwise!). Get her out, get Keidon out. Scoot Kynn along till we make it inside. Keidon still smells like pee and I forgot to bring the diaper bag in. Get the paycheck. Put Kynnadi’s shoes back on. Start through the long building for back door. Finally get all the way through and have to sit Keidon on the floor so I can get Kynnadi’s shoe back on. Why does she keep doing this? Who knows. I sit there wondering how I did the single parenting thing with such humor and imagination and EASE… Get up; open door; look down. Shoe is off. Take other shoe off. Kynnadi walks barefoot on the pavement to the car.
Come home and put Keidon in the playpen. He goes to sleep and Kynnadi settles on the sofa to watch Dora the Explorer. This is it! My break! Maybe if she takes a good nap I’ll catch up on a show I like on TV. Kynnadi starts to fall asleep, finally. Keidon wakes up crying. I go to pick him up and see a walking mustache going across my floor! The second millipede I have seen since I moved here. (last one in my BEDROOM!) For the rest of the day I feel things crawling on me. Whimper and whine a little, and question God about why He made such gruesome creatures. And let us not forget the Camel Crickets we keep seeing in the bathroom. Which reminds me that the flooring still needs done and the walls need painted and the kitchen cabinets and…I hate this stupid house! I just hate it! Where is that bug spray?
Time to get Xavier from the bus stop. Get babies up. Change diapers. Make bottle and fill sippy cup. Make three trips to car to get babies’ stuff and babies to car. Wonder what will become of me when more kids are involved. Think about hiring housekeeper. Continue to feel something crawling on me.

camel cricket

It went like this for hours more while I ran around doing errands for daughter and son, Jesse. How fun it is to get kids in and out of car seats all day, change diapers on the front seat of car, rearrange hair, put shoes back on, keep two year old from climbing out of cart at grocery store…
Meanwhile I have been shopping for a minivan since my three year old grandson will be here to live soon and, most likely, I will have another infant in January.

I hope my friend won’t mind…I’ll keep her identity private. Here is an email we sent back and forth recently:

Cindy, I tried to call you last night. I hope you are ok ? We really need to get together and have that coffee.


I didn’t get your call! Yes we do!

Are you sure you called the right number?

Still later:

Ha. I just realized I’m never going to have coffee! I have Keidon now as well. Little Jesse is coming soon. New baby in January! Hahaha


You sound like a mad woman ba ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!


Yes I do! And feel like one!
I guess that just about says it all. But couldn’t you kind of tell that from my “poem” ? ha ha ha ha

I wrote a little story (venting?) once that I published on Amazon’s “Createspace” (for my friends and family, mainly, but can be downloaded for a small fee) called The Secret Adventures of Super Nellie.
I get perturbed when my kids wonder what in the world I do all day. Nellie’s daughter wondered the same thing. So, anyhow…
And you thought I was OUT of my tree, huh?!


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