The Miley Thing


One important thing about making so many tragic, ugly, stupid mistakes…wait, is there such a thing as a happy, beautiful, smart mistake? Hmmm. WELL, the good thing about having to go through so much before getting to a healthy place is that you learn that people do what they do for all sorts of reasons, and usually it’s not what you’d think.

Argue. Some of you will. But this is my blog and I’m going to say my piece. Miley. She’s probably yesterday’s news to many, but she’s still God’s precious creation and always on his mind. His plan for her hasn’t changed. She’s still loved.

The way she behaved at the VMA awards is pitiful. She’s a 20 year old woman who is going through the same process of self-discovery and growth that we all do, but she’s doing hers in public. I hate it when people see a woman acting out in such a provocative way and immediately slap a nasty label on her. Sometimes woman get so confused about what’s expected of them. What they want, what society demands, what God’s will is… So many mixed messages. Rejection. Poor self image. Abuse. So much plays into who we are and who we will become.

I am so very glad that though all of the struggles I’ve faced to get to a stable place, the general public was uninterested. I was just another mixed up girl surviving bullying at school, sexual abuse as a child, and other kinds of abuse that shall remain nameless for the moment. I made and remade myself trying to fit in. Trying to stand out. Trying to shake someone’s image of me, whether the image was false or based in truth. Longing to be loved, accepted, admired…oh, Lord, I did some crazy things. The dresses I wore barely covered my butt. But it sure got me the attention I thought I craved and missed as a shy high school reject.

I got the chance to stumble and fall and get up again. Miley needs that chance, too. And for all the judging we’ve done, all the time we’ve spent ridiculing and calling her names, we could’ve been reminding her how valuable she is as a human being. We could’ve been praying for her.  We could’ve behaved towards her the way we’d want our daughters treated if they had gone the same route.

That’s my mommy lecture for today. Don’t like it? Read it with your eyes closed. 🙂


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