Being the Face of God





Waiting for parade candy. 🙂

In my lifetime there have been remarkable changes in this world that have thrilled, frightened, saddened, and confused me.

Technological advances are always welcome. Whatever new gadgets those smartypants’ come up with, I want in.  Changes in laws regarding race, women’s rights, child protection…I have appreciated every minute of what is progress.

But, (you knew there was a but, didn’t you?), I’ve seen the water go brown, the skies thick with pollution, an upswing in human trafficking and child abuse, (at least more of it is KNOWN and reported), kidnappings, cynicism, narcissism, disrespectful children, a decline in faith in God…(all of this predicted in the bible a couple thousand years ago)…and I am kind of tired. Even the “little” things are really starting to bother me.

Just yesterday I took the kids to the Labor Day parade, even in the downpour of rain, ’cause that’s small town living. When I was a child, people marched by in festive clothing, big name singers due to perform at the fair rode by on floats. There WERE floats, and someone took the time to actually decorate them like they were going to be in a parade.  Now it’s a long, long line of fire trucks, a few high school bands, loads of regular cars with advertisements on the sides…boring. BORING! If parade people didn’t throw candy to the kids, I wouldn’t even bother to go.

I have beautiful memories of going with my family to the lakes here in Ohio. Clear water, clean beaches, fun times. Now you swim at your own risk and sometimes with a few dozen dead fish lying on top of the water. The beaches aren’t combed and are covered in duck poop. Give your kids some sand toys and go for it. Just know that your sand castle will be 80% feces. Yuk.

When I was a child, the other kids on my street and I played outside till way after dark. Mom gave us some change and we’d walk down to our neighborhood store even when we were in grade school. I feel nervous allowing my little ones to play out in our fenced-in back yard. Do a search sometime about how many sex predators live in your city. It might shock you.

I don’t know about you, but I avoid watching the news. I can’t sleep at night thinking of all the craziness and pain in this world. The mental illness, the depravity, the suffering. I pray for all of that, but somehow it still spins around in my heart and head till I feel sick inside. Where is God, I wonder. Why doesn’t he FIX it all? I know he cares. I know he has all the power there is. He IS love. Why doesn’t he just say the word and the whole world is healed? I don’t have that answer. His timing truly blows my mind. I get so angry with him.

Look at how things have changed in my lifetime. What is going to happen as my grandchildren age?

And after all of that tossing, turning, crying into my pillow and praying, I finally have to press out all the scary thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Otherwise I’ll go into complete panic mode. I must remember that there is good in this world. There are decent, compassionate people. Love will prevail in the end. There is more to life than life on Earth. Somehow, someday, this will all make sense. God is wiser than I am. He has a plan. I have to buckle up and hang on. But more than that, I have to be part of the solution.

I have to be the face of God. I have to be his hands and arms and feet and voice.  I have to make a difference.  I have to be part of the change I want to see in the world for good.


2 thoughts on “Being the Face of God

  1. Perfect love casts out fear. Remember to give credit where it’s due. Because Eve chose knowlege over faith it gave Satan power to control and destroy. God gave him a limited amount of time to do his worst and he is after us with vile hatred, Revelation clearly shows he wars against us. Syrias Christians can attest to that right now. His biggest attack for mothers comes from within, he hates families the most, and broken families bring down society. God is longsuffering and I too sometimes break down to see the evil around me, the destruction of our planet and the power evil men have. The Georgia guidestones say it all about the plans satan has for us. Denver airport too. Satan blatantly mocks Gods people openly and believes he will win. Turn off the tv, hug your kids, get off facebook which is satans counterfeit for relationship. Entertainment is his counterfeit for joy. Play and pray with your kids and God will lead you unafraid out of Sodom and Gomorrah. I am an Australian and whats happening here is just as frightening if not worse than other countries. The only truth is in Jesus, TV, Governments are all liars.
    Soon and very soon we are going to see the King! Keep your lamp lit.

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