Maybe It’s This; Maybe It’s That

Maybe It’s This; Maybe It’s That

Well, we lost the court case and partly because of this, (click on link above, please, for more info) which is still such a mystery to me. My son is going to appeal it. Prayers being said. Hoping God’s will be done no matter what, but also, if we should lose the appeal, that we’ll still be allowed contact with my grandson.

Not only was this mysterious thing presented in court as a reason why I cannot have my grandson, but that he had developed a bond with the foster parents. Ya think? But that wouldn’t have happened had social services done what they were legally obligated to do.

EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T WANT TO SEND HIM TO ME (BECAUSE OF THE DISTANCE FROM HIS MOTHER, THEY SAID), there were eligible relatives in the area who would’ve gladly taken him in.

I was told that the Judge desires that his biological family still see him, but the social worker told me there’s no “legal ground” for us to enforce that. I knew that already, but it’s notable that she’s thinking in legal terms rather than in family terms. Heart terms. Moral ones.   sigh.  She got what she wanted ALL ALONG.

I do hope and pray that this system changes and the right things will be done in other families’ lives.   So very tired and heartbroken.


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