Xavier and the Funny Side of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Xavier at 3, trying to be a rock star. (he is)

I seriously hope I don’t run in to the monkey that’s roaming our neighborhood. I didn’t see him, but Xavier did. This morning when he was sitting in the car waiting for me to drive him to school, apparently a monkey was trying to cross the road, his knuckles dragging across the pavement as he moved. Xavier (the eight year old grandson I have been raising) yelled instructions to him as to how to cross safely. The monkey thanked him, and was gone. And that is how my morning started.
His stories go on. And on. And he is so oftentimes convinced that they’re not stories at all, but fact.
I can’t blame him, with all of his many challenges in life, for wanting to fantasize. But I wonder how much is driven by the brain damage that is FASD.
Bullying at school goes on every year. Since he is in a class for kids with “special needs,” there are some kids in his small class who have outbursts of anger, and X is the target of that anger. He’s so vulnerable, sweet, affectionate. That paints a target on his back. (Everywhere we go. The pool, the park…everywhere).
One problem that we’re facing is that, when he’s outside the classroom with his aides and teacher who know his boundaries, abilities and limitations, he doesn’t get treated fairly. And I don’t even mean just by other students, I mean teachers as well. If they don’t GET what’s going on with him, they make demands that are just out of his reach. He comes home feeling overwhelmed, dejected, and not wanting to go back to face the same ole same ole the next day. Who can blame him.
One day at a time. But I still wonder what is going to happen to him as an adult with FASD. Lord, help us.
Here are some links that will take you to info on FASD. I wish more people would become aware of this and spread the news. There is such a lack of education where FASD is concerned. Teachers don’t know. Judges don’t know. DOCTORS don’t know.




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