Just Let Go, Already!


I had this little wooden duck pull toy, you know, the kind with the yellow plastic string. Well, when I was nine or so, I was standing on my grandma’s patio with my two cousins and my sister and, for some reason, instead of pulling the pull toy, I decided it would be a fun thing to swing it around in the air.
Whoosh, whoosh! Whiz, whiz!!! I had that thing going ‘round so fast it looked like a helicopter blade. Now, here was my problem: I couldn’t figure out how to make it STOP. I couldn’t let it drop out of my hand because it would either break something on the patio, go flying and hit my cousins or sis, or maybe even break a window. SOOOOOOO, I held onto it and just STOPPED swinging it. Only, it had gained such momentum by then that it wouldn’t quit! It went woowoowoowoowoowoowoooo around and around my neck and when it ran out of plastic string, the wooden duck part SMACKED me real hard right upside the head! (I actually saw stars!)

And the moral of the story is: learn when to let GO!


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