Brain Freeze. No, Really!

This happened several years ago and I posted it on Facebook. Just ran across it and decided to share. Hope you enjoy!

This is definitely one of the funniest things I have ever done. Or seen, for that matter. I like to stick my 20 oz. “to go” bottle of diet Dr. Pepper in the freezer before I leave, ’cause I like those little ice crystals in my drink. BUT, the problem is, when you try to open the lid, it bubbles and fizzes out over the top of the bottle like some kind of mad scientist’s potion.

Usually there is a chunk of ice stuck in the opening, so I quickly plunge my tongue
down into the bottle to poke the ice down into the drink, then catch the foam in my mouth, and, VOILA, it’s fixed and ready for my drinking enjoyment.

Well, not today, folks. Oh, no, not today. It just wasn’t to be. Seems ole Dr. Pepper had something up his sleeve, so, as my tongue prepared to remove the ice obstruction that was causing the soda to ooze out the top of the bottle, I heard a sound…like something in a vacuum, kind of a thhhhhhhhhhhhraaaaaaap sound. And before I could figure out what was happening, the Dr.Pepper shot straight from the bottle and up my nose!

Can you picture that? Two nostrils full of Dr. Pepper foam? I nearly shot myself in the brain with diet soda! It went up into my sinuses and gave me a terrible headache! For one brief, terrifying moment I wondered it would actually do brain damage or go down my pipes and drown me.

Ah, the headlines! I can just imagine.


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