Tradition or Trap


My 21 year old daughter was disturbed when she visited the other day and found that the kids and I had already put up our Christmas tree. “But…but, this is not your tradition!” She complained.

And she was right. It was a break with the tradition I’ve held since I lived in Bowling Green, Ohio, more than 200 miles from my hometown. My kids and I were accustomed to going home for the holidays, but somehow that year it didn’t work out. Sure, we’d see family at Christmas, but being used to sharing Thanksgiving with them, I faced that day in a blue funk that was bound to affect my little ones if I didn’t kick it in the butt.

So, once we finished our delicious meal and cleaned up, I surprised them by pulling out our Christmas decorations. “We’re starting a new tradition this year!” I told them, much to their delight. That was the early 80s, and it’s carried on until this year.

This time around we needed a little pick-me-upper, and this seemed like a good remedy. So we cranked up the Christmas tunes and got to work.


Some of my friends have questioned my sanity, but many have caught the bug and are getting their houses decked out early as well. I think with all the bad news we hear every day, and all the problems we face, it can’t hurt to veer off the path a little to find some fun.

Traditions are nice, but they shouldn’t turn in to a trap. Right?! So happy holidays from my house to yours. And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. And everything else.



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