Bent Outta Shape.


Plan A. The tree the kids and I decorated together.

1) I give thanks every day and Thanksgiving (the holiday) is just another marvelous reason to feast with family. Whether I decorate for my celebration with a pumpkin or a tree with bulbs on it doesn’t affect the taste of my supper or the quality of my company.

Besides, the whole Pilgrim/Indian relationship didn’t work out in the long run. ugh. So the traditional reasoning for this holiday is just not important to me.

2) I am thankful always for the birth of Christ. But the way we celebrate and decorate has little to nothing to do with him. In fact, most of if has pagan origins. Reportedly, he wasn’t even born in December. Who cares WHEN we celebrate his coming to Earth? In fact, let’s do that all the time, with a tree or without one. Oh, yeah, and maybe sometime I’ll celebrate CHRISTmas by putting up Easter bunnies and scarecrows. Do you think it’ll matter a hill of beans? I don’t.


Ooops. The tree stand broke! argh!

3) Someone(s) decided the hows and whens and whats and we followed blindly along. I liken it to breakfast. Who made the rule that eggs and pancakes etc. are “breakfast foods?” The norm for some is not the norm for others. Personally I see nothing wrong with pizza or peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. And I see nothing wrong with festive lights, wreaths, snowmen, etc. all year long if that’s what floats your boat.

Ya got one life. Go for it.


4)Quit getting bent out of shape over the fact that some have put up their Christmas decorations BEFORE Thanksgiving!

There are plenty of things in this life worth your concern. I promise this isn’t one of them. Why criticize? Why pick a fight. Go sit on your bale of hay and hug your pumpkin while I listen to Jingle Bells and baste my turkey. Can’t we all just get along?


Is this, after all, a Tradition or Trap?


Plan B. The tree I owned as an apartment dweller. Glad I kept it.


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