Not Always What It Seems


Two women meet up in the parking lot at Walmart. One is rolling a shopping cart towards her SUV, chatting with her teenaged son and thinking about what she’ll make the boys for supper later that night.

The other woman is headed in, list in hand, hoping she’ll find shoes on sale so she can get a new pair for her granddaughter.

Upon passing one another, the women flash sunny smiles and call hello! “How are you! It’s been such a long time!”
“Yes! I think the last time I saw you was our 20th high school reunion!”
“I think you’re right! I see your posts on Facebook, but it’s just not the same. Anyhow, I hardly ever get on there anymore. So how have you been? How’s your husband?”

“He’s doing great. Got a promotion and working long hours, but he loves it! How are your kids doing? Is this your boy?”

“Yep. This is my youngest, Anthony.”

Anthony shifts from one foot to other other and blushes. When will this end? How will he bear it? “Mom, can I get one one of those donuts? I’m hungry!”

She tells him OK, if he’ll take the groceries to the car and load them up. He agrees. Places the bags in the trunk and sits there in the comfort of the vehicle munching on a honey bun and listening to music on his IPhone. But soon he’s bored (and hungry) again and cranes his neck to find Mom. Is she STILL talking to that lady? What could they possibly have to say?

But there the ladies are, chatting, giggling, just having a good ole time while Anthony starves.

When Mom does make it to the driver’s seat of the car, she’s still all aglow, kind of chuckling to herself.

“Wow,” Anthony says, “I thought you’d never get here. How do you even know that lady?”

“Oh, Carolyn? I’ve known her since grade school! We were practically inseparable clear up till college. Yeah, your dad and her husband were best friends in high school. That’s how I met him. Didn’t I tell you all this? Your older brother and her son, Tommy, where born on the same day! We even shared a room in the hospital. Man, small world. I’m surprised I haven’t run in to her till now. Which reminds me, I meant to unfriend her on Facebook way before this! Ugh! She’s always posting pictures of those kids and talking about God! I can’t stand all that religious stuff. Geez.”

But Anthony has stopped listening (right after his mom started talking about how she met dad) and drifts off in a sugar funk, listening to an old Bob Marley song.