Pinball Machine for a Brain



My brain can be a trampoline for thoughts that try to land
I cannot find the very thing that’s right here in my hand
My glasses, lost atop my head,
While I search the whole house through
Forgetting what the search was for and have to start anew
Start the dishes, but see a spot
on the table and go get a dusting cloth
While dusting see the floor needs swept
Grab a broom and take a step
But quickly that’s abandoned, too
Cause I must now organize the shoes
But, wait, what’s that? A dirty cup? I snatch it up…
Head for the sink to place it in
and start the dishes once again…
With a little one tugging at my leg,
“Hurry! Juicy!” She does beg
as I hand her the drink and she toddles away
I wonder what I have accomplished today
So many things started, so much left undone…
Ah…it’ll all still be there when I’m long gone.


Wait…what was this post about again?


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