Taking Part in Your Own Creation


Every day we’re taking part in our own creation.  We can’t scoop up a handful of earth, breathe into it, like God did, and make a man.  But we can make choices every step of the way that are either constructive or destructive by nature.  We are always in a process of BECOMING.

The food we eat, books we read, interactions with others, music we hear…  it’s all a part of who we turn out to be.  You may feel powerless to live a good life, but you have the power to grow, to love, to encourage, to listen, to pray, to learn…


Only you and your maker know what and who you are meant to be.  You can only be perfectly YOU.  An apple makes a pretty funny looking banana, doesn’t it?  But that’s not what it was meant to be. And it’s not who you are compared to someone else that matters.  It’s who you are. PERIOD.  You know what’s funny?  The way you stand out IS the way you fit in.  Think about that.  You fit into the whole scheme of things because of the very traits that make you unique.  No one can fit that place in the puzzle but you.


I love to think about the fact that God wanted me to be.  I don’t know why, but he did.  He thought about me and how many days I would have on Earth before one of them came to be.  He prepared work for me to do, and he made me with the ability to do that work.

When I consider these things, it makes me feel pretty good about myself.  It gives me a hint of my value to my Maker, and it gives me a clue how valuable others are to him.  When you begin to understand your own worth and love yourself, it follows that you are more aware of the worth of his other kids. That makes me think that people who don’t really love themselves will have a hard time giving love to anyone else.

 I think a lot of us spend way too much time trying to get the approval of  others. “Likes” on Facebook and WordPress are encouraging, but what if we write what we think is a work of art, and no one else thinks so?

If you’re looking to get your parking validated, by all means, take advantage of it.  But if you’re looking to another human being for applause and approval, cut it out!  It won’t work, and here’s why:  no matter what anyone else thinks of you, if you’re not comfortable and satisfied with yourself, it won’t matter.  You’ll just keep going from person to person like an addict looking for his next fix.  But once you start to appreciate what’s good about YOU, (your strengths, talents, ideas…), you won’t need that stamp of approval from anyone else.

You’re not just some evolved ape-man that accidentally came to be.  You’re someone’s masterpiece.  When your Creator made you, he didn’t use the wrong ingredients or let you bake too long.  Everything he did, he did with a purpose.  PERFECTLY.  Knowing that helps me to live a life of purpose, with or without anyone else cheering me on.

Think about it: you try on a pair of jeans at the mall and they look FABULOUS!  They make your hind-end look just right.  But when you try the jeans on in front of a mirror at home, somehow everything has changed.  Has your butt actually grown six sizes since you left the mall?  Or could it be that not every mirror gives a true reflection?  It can depend so much on the angle, the lighting, the shape of the mirror…

Likewise, not every person you know will give you a true reflection of yourself.  The feedback you get from others depends so much on their own attitude, what kind of mood they’re in, how they perceive things…

Every time you start to doubt that, just go try on another pair of jeans.  Or a bathing suit.  That’ll teach you.


Not worthy.  Not capable.  Not beautiful.  Not special.  Not lovable. Not strong.  Not true!

Don’t let yourself get tied up in NOTS!

 Sometimes ya just gotta change the way you talk to yourself ABOUT yourself.  Have you ever failed at something and called yourself a “failure?”  “I failed,” and, “I’m a failure,” are two different things.  One admits only that you’re human and not flawless.  Get over yourself!  Do you expect perfection from others?

Or are you someone who can’t accept, “good enough?”  Try your best.  YOUR best, not someone else’s best.  But beware of striving for perfection.  NO ONE IS PERFECT.  Demanding perfection from yourself is just failure waiting to happen.  Waiting for perfection is waiting for nothing.  An imperfect something is better than a perfect nothing any day.

 You’ve heard the saying before, “Consider the source,” right?  Really think about that on two different levels:  Consider THE source, God.  The source of life, truth, healing and love.

When you are interacting with others, again, consider the source.   Consider who they are and why.  Consider their intentions. People behave towards you the way they do because of who THEY are, not because of who you are.  This is something I learned about God.  He loves me because he IS love.  He’s good to me because he’s good.  Not because I deserve it.  I could never earn it.

Likewise, you have to decide what kind of person you want to be and start behaving like that person. Treat others the way you do because of who YOU are, because of what’s inside you.

It’s hard not to be manipulated and thrown off track by the words and deeds of others, but try to stay focused on the goal.  And when you are side-tracked, learn from it.  Don’t let guilt stop you.  Get back on track.  Guilt is destructive.  It does nothing but separate you from God and your own good intentions.

You are not a hypocrite if you behave a certain way though it betrays your feelings.  Ugliness and beauty live together in the human heart and struggle against each other constantly.  The one you let drive you most often is the one that will grow. Sometimes your actions will come from what’s rooted inside you, but sometimes your actions will take root and become a solid part of your true character.

Practice, practice, practice.  Everything worth being takes practice.  You have to have a concrete plan in mind in order to be able to drive yourself towards it.  Right?  You can’t just say, “I wish I could do this,” or, “Maybe I should do that,” or you’ll be all over the road.  Explore.  Get to know what it is you want to do with your life.  But once you figure it out, GO for it.  Set a clear goal and decide what steps you need to take to get there.  Then start taking those steps!  Sometimes making a list helps to make your ideas more solid.

And there you are, taking part in your own creation, so to speak. Hope you’re having fun with it.




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