You Think You’ll Sink


So strange to me how people often say, “I shouldn’t say this…” right before they DO say it. Made me think, Hmm, next time I think I shouldn’t say it, maybe I just won’t.   Because words do have the power of life and death. Words can heal or kill. God spoke everything into being, after all. The words we speak, thoughts we entertain, and fantasies we let play in our minds all have power to create and set things in motion.

For instance, you can’t be a happy person when you’re always speaking unhappy words. Not that happiness is not my goal in life; healthiness is.  But the healthier I am, the happier I am.

Yet happiness can be elusive. It seems to attach itself to the events in our lives; unlike joy, which is more of a frame of mind, and not so easily swayed. Joy seems to be more attached to faith and gratitude.  The attitude of joy is so important, in fact, that the bible says, “The joy of the Lord is my STRENGTH.”

When I was hollow, God filled me up with himself. But sometimes I can’t FEEL God’s presence and nothing in the world impresses me in the least. Sometimes I just want to sit around in a worn out t-shirt and sweat pants, eat cookies and chips, and watch cheesy sci-fi all day.

At those times in my life, my attitude has to be enough.  I have to look for the beauty in my life just as I would search out the beauty in a human being.  Because it is there, you just have to DECIDE to find it.   I have to speak words of life; God’s truth about my situation rather than how I feel about it. That’s part of what helps us to become mature.

When I start to doubt that my attitude matters, I remember how I learned to swim when I was in my twenties, but still could NOT float on my back. Every time the water started closing up around my ears, I got panicky and started flailing around till I sank like a rock into the bottom of the pool.

Then one day my sister said, “You sink because you think you’ll sink. Think you’ll float…”  After that I began to believe that if I think I’ll sink in other endeavors, I probably will. And if I think I’ll float, I probably will; because, believe me, it worked in the pool.


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