Does Any of This Matter?


Housework is not my favorite subject. Let’s face it, as soon as you get it done, it has already started to unravel. So, in fact, it never really is DONE. Ah, the monotony!

I don’t know why I tend to think so much about how temporary THIS all is. I trace it back to the “Near Death Experience” I had as a kid. It makes me less ambitious for material things and more inclined to go after things that will last forever:  my relationships, my character, LOVE… so I get very curious when I think that most of our lives are spent just maintaining our bodies, things that will surely perish anyhow. I mean, what is the point? How much does our everyday-mundane-9-to-5 struggle mean in the long run? How does it affect our spirits?

While we’re toiling at the factory or putting on a new roof, are we building up our spiritual muscles as well? What is it doing for my soul to dust my furniture and vacuum the carpet? I wonder this about every menial job under the sun.

The Bible tells us to do everything with a glad heart; as if you’re doing it for the Lord. So that makes it seem more valuable to me. Still… hmm…questions arise.

Since I’ve been sick and oh, so tired, I absolutely cannot get up and going without asking God for help.  I guess it helps me to lean on him. Maybe it’s forging a closer relationship.

Plus I see how God is a God of NOW; a God of today. You start fresh every day for a reason. A new day, a new chance, a new ton of laundry and dishes and challenges.

The conclusion I’ve come to about all the wiping down of walls and scrubbing floors is that I’m not only maintaining the house which shelters my body; I’m building character and creating a HOME for my children and me to enjoy our lives and make beautiful memories. It’s the stage we set for our daily interactions and lessons.

This helps me to realize that I don’t have to do something huge to make a real, lasting difference.  I don’t have to work for applause and approval. Let’s face it: no one realizes how hard you work till it all goes undone. No one but God. And he appreciates it. He uses it. It matters.

All the seemingly small, ordinary moments of my life can add up to a glorious hour.  Sooner or later, this is all going to make sense.

It kind of does already.

Now back to doing ignoring the folded laundry that needs put away.


Here’s a video that goes along with what I’ve been saying! Very encouraging! Enjoy.






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