Street Cred

Cindy the Dreamer


Sometimes I’m scared that my son will get famous when he gets out of prison. Rapping is the only business I know where being an ex-con is actually advantageous. I don’t want him going in that direction. I feel like if God gave him that talent, he should use it for good. Rapping is fine, mind ya. But the content must be changed. I can’t even listen to a whole song sometimes ’cause I can picture God being disappointed and I just can’t take it. Even when I’m mad at Him, as I often am.

Jess can sing and write songs, too. That’s where I wish he’d spend his energy. But if he’s going to get famous, I hope he gets a stable life first. A stable MINDSET. I hear too many stories of tragic celebrity deaths, crime sprees, insanity. Scary stuff.

He’s always been outrageously creative and bright. When…

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