Caution! Hole up Ahead



A woman, Maddie, meandering up a stony path, comes upon a sign that boldly says, “Caution! Hole up ahead!”  Just then her phone lets her know that she has a text from her best friend forever, Amanda. She grabs her phone and begins to type at lightening speed as she moves on up the path. She and Amanda exchange witticisms until Amanda has to go get ready for work.

“TTYL,” Maddie says, just as she stubs her toe on a rock.”Ouch!” she exclaims, rubbing her foot. And as she does, she notices another sign that tells her, “HOLE! Watch your step!”

As she goes forward, Maddie is mesmerized by the beautiful flowers growing along the path; the purple hyacinth and dainty daffodils and the bright red tulips. She throws her head back to watch a gaggle of goose going by overhead. As she does, she twists her ankle ever so slightly and it halts her right there on the spot. As she soothes herself, she sees yet another sign that reads, “Watch out for the hole.”

Striding along Maddie wonders what to make for supper, whether that cute little dress might still be on sale at the mall, and how to get the grape juice stain out of the living room carpet. She’s in such a daze that she trips over a twig and it scratches her leg. That stops her in her in tracks just long enough for her to see the sign that says, “WARNING! HOLE IN THE ROAD!” This time there are also directions to detour and a fence to prevent anyone from going up the path any farther.

BUT, Maddie is very fond of that particular way, so she climbs the fence and keeps on keepin’ on.

I’ll never remember to pick up my prescription later if I don’t set a reminder, she thinks aloud. Once again she slips her phone from her pocket as she strolls along and begins to register the reminder in her phone’s calendar.

But suddenly she is falling helplessly into darkness. She lands with a thud in the bottom of a hole, face down in the dirt. She’s bruised, broken, and trembling. The breath has been knocked out of her, but as soon as her lungs fill up again, she begins to wail and shake her fists at heaven.

“Why did you let me fall into this hole?!” she says angrily to God. But he just shakes his head.










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