So Much for Sacrifice



There’s no way all those Reese’s Easter Eggs are gone! I have been all through the store and can’t find any. If I could, I’d get a freezer full and have them all year ’round. They have the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. Well…I’m just being a big baby. I’ll get something else, then maybe next year I can stock up.

Or…wait…the kids know how much I love those things. Maybe someone will get me some for Easter!

Or even just a big Reese’s Cup. Yum. Awesome. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Easter morning.

Yay! My daughter got me a huge Reese’s Cup! Wait. What’s that, Xavier? You wonder if she brought you anything?

Oh, daughter, don’t be embarrassed that you forgot him. We’ll think of something.

We look at each other. We look at the Reese’s Cup. We telegraph the message… She grabs the candy and tosses it to Xavier. He’s only eight, after all, sitting there all wide-eyed with anticipation. Who could resist that? So, here you go, X. “Sorry,” my daughter tells him, “I meant to give this to you and accidentally got it in Mom’s Easter basket!”

I sit there and feel so noble, having made such a sacrifice. I wonder if God sees it and feels proud of me. Then I blush and giggle at myself. It is a SMALL sacrifice, but it really is one of my ways of loving this child, and it feels pretty good.

Xavier rips the candy open and eats half. Then he brings the wrapper up around what’s left and slips the candy into his Easter basket to save it for later. And there it sits till it goes stale and has to be tossed out.

This is going to make me smile for a very long time.


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