I’ll be There Cheering for You Louder Than Anyone Who Might Be Booing


What?! A profound quote from a silly Disney kids’ show? And from one of the more obnoxious characters as well. My kids watch the same episodes over and over and it took me about the fourth time before this quote grabbed a hold of me. “I’ll be there cheering for you louder than anyone who might be booing.”

Sure, our real-life circumstances might be a tad more serious than the one presented in the show, and ours won’t be resolved in 23 minutes before the credits roll.

I’ll be cheering loudly when the bullies at school tell you that you’re stupid or fat or ugly. I’ll be urging you to take the shot instead of passing the ball when you’re just too scared to try. I will be there to tell you it’s OK that you failed your math test and help you get prepared to do better on the next one.

I’ll help you keep your sense of humor when you lose your swimming trunks as you’re climbing out of the pool. I’ll tell those pointing, giggly little girls to hush and leave you be. And when you don’t get asked to prom, you’d better believe I’m going to tell you the truth: that they must be blind and, hey, it’s their loss. You go in there. You hold your head up high.

You keep in mind that the most beautiful, perfect, wise person there is created you, and HE doesn’t make mistakes.

And while we’re on the subject, HE really is perfect and he was rejected, too. No, He is rejected, too. Every single day.

Think about that!

I want you to know that people behave the way they do because of what’s inside them, not because of who YOU are. I know I say that all the time, but it bears repeating. They decide to look for and criticize your flaws (or they invent them) or they DECIDE to see what’s so amazing about you, and how they decide is based on what’s going on with THEM. If you want to survive intact, you have to respond with everything you’ve learned about you.

You’re respectfully and wonderfully made. You are the only you there has ever been or ever will be. You were made on purpose and placed into this particular time and space for a reason. God thought about you before he ever made the Earth and WANTED you to be. He made you to be loved and to spread love around.

Yeah, I’m here to cheer you on. But you know what’s going to happen if you don’t be careful? My voice is going to get drowned out by attacks on your character, your looks, your personality… How do I know that? Because even what God himself has to say is quickly supplanted by negative thoughts if I don’t fight it.

Why is that, I wonder? Why do the mean things have such a loud voice and all the true, lovely, kind things get pushed out? It happens to many of us.

Someone says you look nice today. Someone else makes fun of your clothes. You spend the whole rest of the day feeling bad. WHY!?!

Maybe, just maybe, you need to learn to cheer yourself on, too. Tell yourself what you’d tell a friend. ‘Cause, as much as I want to be there applauding, encouraging, soothing, helping you get back up when you fall, I can’t always be there.

Don’t waste time allowing miserable, lost, hateful people keep you down. Forgive. God will deal with them.  You pick yourself up, fix your eyes on your goal, ask God for help and healing, and GO.


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