The Lighter Side of Aging

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I love being old. No, really.

I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin or less afraid to do things! Well, except eating things that are weird to me. (bugs, slugs, squid. You can have that stuff!)

I’m experienced in so many ways. Less judgemental. more compassionate, determined to live my dreams and help others to achieve theirs. (my dreams have changed many times over the years. Now they’re way more simple and doable).

I’m able to use my sense of humor without fear of embarrassment. My embarrassment, anyhow. My kids are horrified. But, hey, that’s just part of the fun.

By now, I know who my friends are, and I make news ones more easily.

I get the meaning of life. I’m not trying to figure out who I am; I’m trying to give who I am over to whomever God wants me to be, and all he has planned.

I am not afraid to go to a movie or eat at a restaurant alone. I know how to entertain myself. I can be really good company.
I have always had my own sense of style, but now if I want to just be comfortable, I will. I do NOT worry about how others see me. Not much, anyway. Not enough to stop me from wearing baggy sweat pants to the store. Can I tell you??? The sky has never fallen because of it. Or due to my lack of makeup.

I go to the pool with my big belly and cellulite and don’t think a thing of it. I jump in and splash around and just have FUN. I missed so many years of that due to self-consciousness. Bummer. What a waste of time.

There are moments when old-age brain startles me, but, for the most part, it has been the source of high hilarity. Somehow I’ve joined this club with my peers that younger folks can’t get into till they start finding their keys in the freezer, misplace the potatoes they just chopped for soup, or drive around the block a couple times, trying to remember where they were going and why. Or walk up the steps to get the dirty laundry, but, instead, make the bed, wash the windows, empty the trash cans…and leave the laundry alone, only to have to make another trip (or two, or three…) to gather it later.

Drawing this close to the end of Earthly life certainly holds moments of sadness and fear of leaving loved ones behind for a bit. But it always spurs you on to a much deeper, more satisfying life. You cherish all the small moments and huge affairs just that much more.


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